Author: Emma Yasinski

Emma Yasinski

I am a freelance science and medical journalist, fascinated by how the scientific process leads to incredible discoveries, but also can lead to publication bias leaning toward positive findings and minimizing negatives. With a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Lafayette College and a Master’s in Science and Medical Journalism from Boston University, I’ve written about clinical trial transparency, organ donation, and basic molecular biology for publications like The Scientist, The Atlantic,, Kaiser Health News, and more. At MedShadow, I research and write about the sometimes unexpected ways that medicines can affect us, and what we can do if and when it does.

First off, no one should be taking health advice or trust news from an Instagram posting or a Twitter or Facebook post – especially if you don’t know that person personally! But many people are doing just that and are likely being manipulated by online “bots,” a shorter form of “robots,” social media accounts that are not coming from a human, but are programmed by humans to sound like a person. When Jon-Patrick Allem, PhD, a researcher at the Keck School of Medicine, first decided to study bots on social media in 2015, funding was hard to come by. He…

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