Author: Michael Wilcox


Michael Wilcox is a health and medical journalist who writes frequently about clinical research, health policy, and technology in medicine. He has written previously for a number of medical and health trade magazines with a focus on obesity, cardiovascular health, surgery, and cancer, as well as covered ground-breaking medical science for academic research institutions.

Even among cancer types, prostate cancer stands out as uniquely controversial. Screening for prostate cancer has been the subject of intense debate since the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) — the main government body that oversees cancer screening — recommended against it in 2012. Last month, they changed course and said screening is an “individual decision” between a patient and their doctor. Recently, record numbers of men with low-risk prostate cancer have simply avoided treatment altogether, adopting a strategy of “watchful waiting” until or unless symptoms worsen. Against this backdrop, doctors are now at odds over whether one of…

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