Author: Suzanne B. Robotti

Suzanne B. Robotti

Suzanne is the President and Founder of MedShadow, and the Executive Director of DES Action USA.  MedShadow’s mission is to preserve quality of life by ensuring everyone has access to the risks, benefits and alternates to using drugs to manage healthcare. Read More

Less medicine and a little less food are the themes for keeping healthy this week.  Be well.  Breast Cancer and Hormone Treatment In a large study of published studies (meta analysis) that included more than 100,000 women, those who reported ever using MHT had a 26% higher relative risk for developing breast cancer compared with never-users. This confirms what has been known for about 20 years.  What is newly discovered is that the increased risk continues for 10+ years after MHT is discontinued. In real terms for every 50 50-year olds who are taking an estrogen/progestin combination, 1 woman…

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