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Suzanne RobottiWhen I started MedShadow Foundation 4 years ago, I wanted to change the conversation about side effects and medication. I gathered a team of like-minded professionals to create this website as a resource.

I was delighted to hear from my friend that our site helped him.  He’d been having trouble with his short-term memory for the past 18 months. As an ADHDer, he’d always suffered some short-term issues caused by distraction, but this was worse. He knew he needed to see a doctor, but he feared a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or the like. He turned to and typed “memory loss” into our search bar.

He searched for the side effects of the drugs he was taking and, he said, “discovered in your article that Divalproex/Depakote is a medicine identified to cause that, something I had never been told.”

With this information, Jerry went to his doctor. “Because of your Team’s work, now I can now implement a strategy to address the ACTUAL condition rather than silently fear (and be paralyzed by that fear) that I was experiencing early onset dementia.”

“I’m so grateful to the MedShadow Foundation for both eliminating my fear with facts and assuring me that I can continue to find such important information at your site.”

Your support of MedShadow Foundation’s mission helps people balance the risks and benefits of medications and to avoid short- and long-term side effects.

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