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MedShadow protects lives and improves the quality of your life by ensuring you get independent, evidence-based health information.


MedShadow wants everyone to have the information needed to balance the risks and the benefits of medicines and their health care options.

Who We Are

MedShadow is a nonprofit health news journalism site focused on the side effects of medicines. We protect your life and the lives of your family by making sure you have the information you need to make informed decisions about the risks, benefits and alternatives to medicines.

Even though MedShadow is nonprofit, we refuse to accept support from pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. You can be sure that our information is free from the influence of pharmaceutical companies.

MedShadow is made up of award winning health journalists, medical professionals, donors, and volunteers who are committed to making the hidden and minimized risks of medicines visible so that everyone has the information needed to make the best health care decisions for themselves and their families.

What You'll Find on MedShadow

Our professional health journalists reveal what you need to know about side effects and risks of medicines alongside the benefits. Our First Person stories inspire you to take control of your medical well being. Our commitment to the big picture will encourage you to discover your options which might include nutrition, exercise and wellness choices. By reading MedShadow articles you'll protect the quality of your and your family's lives by getting influence-free health information. MedShadow is the leading independent, nonprofit health information source free from pharma influence -- because we do not accept advertising or financial support from pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. We report on the side effects of medicine that have been researched through high-quality studies. When those studies are not available, we tell you that honestly and objectively share what is known. We don’t sell medicines, yoga mats or even t-shirts. We just give you the best information on the internet.

Why You Should Care About Side Effects

Every medicine has a side effect. So does every herbal remedy, vitamin, supplement, etc. A side effect is any unintended reaction.

But that’s what happens to other people, most of us don’t worry about side effects until it happens to them. But it happened to me, Suzanne, the founder of MedShadow. Before I was born, my mother was prescribed a drug that was supposed to help her pregnancy. Instead, it affected the fetus’ fertility organs.The drug affected my fertility organs, leaving me without the ability to bear a child. That drug was given to about five million pregnant women before it was finally banned in pregnancy.

Side effects are personal. They happen to real people and to a lot of people.

  • Read about Kim’s heartbreak when her husband Woody suffered the undisclosed and devastating side effects antidepressants; or
  • Rachel’s story about the harms that women aren’t warned about with breast implants; or
  • Andrew’s search for help with his military service related injuries when traditional medicines couldn’t help.

There are more than 2 million serious adverse drug reactions in hospitals yearly, leading to more than 100,000 deaths. (Source: Lazarou J et al. JAMA 1998;279:1200–1205) Side effect awareness, management, and avoidance can change that number. Thank you for reading.


Side effects are personal. They can seriously affect you and your family's health.

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