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Old age isn’t for sissies

Bette Davis had it right – aging comes with its own set of problems. At least one of the problems is over-medication. It seems as if doctors are unwilling to wait and see with the elderly. Recently, a close friend nearly lost her father to side effects of drugs that…

Different side effects on seniors – who knew?

My friend is worried about her aging mother. At close to 90, the mother was still walking, energetic, and very involved with the lives of her children and friends. But my friend is concerned because the family has noticed a change recently. The mother has fallen 3 times in a…

Does Anesthesia Cause Dementia in the Elderly?

Which is true: Exposure to General Anesthesia Could Increase the Risk of Dementia in Elderly by 35 Percent, Science Daily, June 1, 2013. Or: No Link Between Anesthesia, Dementia in Elderly, Science Daily, May 1, 2013 This is so annoying. Two studies published exactly one month apart in the same…

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