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Lifestyle Changes and Asthma

Medication and lifestyle changes are equally important. Asthma cannot be properly managed without them both.

Allergy Treatments and Their Side Effects

Many factors — including cost, effectiveness, and availability (over-the-counter vs. prescription) — as well as side effects go into the choice of allergy treatments. Consult a medical professional to discuss which option might be best for you.Originally published May 8, 2014. Updated in 2017.–Medshadow Staff Treatment Antihistamines (Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec,…

Is It the Drug or the Dye?

Take a look in your medicine cabinet and you’ll see artificial coloring everywhere: orange ibuprofen, red cough drops, purple syrups. Medicine comes in different colors for different reasons: Some capsule shades help you distinguish one dosage amount from another; differing colors separate a statin from an anti-nausea drug; and very…

Allergy or Side Effect?

Think you’re allergic to a drug? Think again — it may be a side effect. Many people may self-diagnose an allergy to a medication when they have experienced an undesirable reaction to it. But what is it that makes people think that’s the case — why don’t more of us…

Ahhhh Chooo! Allergy Medicines

The CDC has come out with a timely warning about allergy medicines. Spring is the time for pollen, ragweed dust mites, hay fever and more. Any allergy will cause a stuffy nose, your eyes and nose will run and your eyes will itch. A few lucky people also get hives….

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