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Back Pain

For Back Pain, Try Non-Drug Measures First

Back pain is the most common kind of chronic pain. It’s also a near-ubiquitous form of acute, short-lived pain after a minor injury, a bit too much exercise, lifting something the wrong way, a stressful day at the computer or an encounter with a bad bed. In one survey, a…

Exercise Rx Plus Education Alleviates Lower-Back Pain

Exercise, especially when combined with education, was shown to help reduce lower-back pain. Exercise reduced the risk of lower-back pain episodes by 35% and the risk of sick leave over lower-back pain by 78%. When exercise was combined with education, the risk reduction for the prevention of episodes for up…

Pain in the Back

Most of the 56 million Americans who suffer from chronic low back pain are told to just take acetaminophen. The problem? It does little to relieve their discomfort. A recent study published in the British Medical Journal bears this out: Researchers concluded that Tylenol and other products containing acetaminophen were no…

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