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Can Convalescent Plasma Treat COVID-19 Patients?

One of the most promising treatments for COVID-19 is convalescent plasma, a component of blood. People who have been infected with the virus and are now healthy have developed COVID-19-fighting antibodies, which, the theory is, can be given to people currently sick with COVID-19 so that those antibodies can boost…

My COVID-19 Antibody Test Left Me With More Questions

You may have heard about COVID-19 antibody testing, which can determine if you might have been infected with the novel coronavirus. I was intrigued as well by this testing, even though I never had a nasal swab (PCR) test, which would determine if I had the virus at the time…

The Vitamins and Minerals to Boost Your Immune System

As we re-enter the world after months of self-isolating, is there going to be another spike in COVID-19 infections? Perhaps. However, as you increase your contact with more people, having a strong immune system is a key part of keeping healthy. To boost your immune system, make sure you are getting…

Testing Estrogen on Men with COVID-19

Will turning men into women save their lives? Of course, I am speaking facetiously. Doctors on the front line have noticed that women seem to survive COVID-19 better than men. A new report estimates that twice as many women survive as men. This has generated a debate among scientists: What…

OTC Heartburn Drug Eyed for COVID-19

Many people turn to the over-the-counter drug Pepcid (famotidine) after they’ve eaten spicy food, and a new trial is testing whether the heartburn medication may also fight COVID-19. Pepcid belongs to a group of drugs known as H2 blockers. Other medications in this category include Tagamet (cimetidine) and Zantac (ranitidine)….

Remdesivir Hopes Buoyed By Results From Two Trials

Dr Fauci announced the positive preliminary results of a study of remdesivir coming from the department he heads, NIAID. The same day, the manufacturers of redesivir also released positive news from a low quality study.

The First COVID-19 Treatment Could Come From Japan

While much of the focus for potential COVID-19 treatments has been on drugs that were either created or under development in the United States, one drug, Avigan (favipiravir), which was developed in Japan, is drawing attention.

Another Cancer Drug Seen As Potential COVID-19 Treatment

In the effort to find a treatment for COVID-19, existing medications for cancer might seem like unlikely candidates to fight a virus are being tested. Yet scientists have a theory that Calquence (acalbrutinib), which is approved to treat leukemia and lymphoma might be effective. 

How Much Optimism Should We Have About Remdesivir for COVID-19?

Big news this week about the first research on remdesivir as a treatment for COVID-19. Remdesivir is an antiviral medication initially developed years ago by Gilead Sciences as a potential treatment for ebola. Remdesivir ultimately failed as a treatment for Ebola. Not a good study Remdesivir received a lot of…

Three Top Doctor’s Opinions On Coronavirus Clinical Trials

Three doctors share some words of advice, as well as their own perspective on the novel coronavirus pandemic. Hana Akselrod, MD MD, an assistant professor of medicine in the infectious diseases division at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences “My first advice is do not panic….

Episode 15: The Importance of Diversity in Clinical Trials

This week, Su Robotti, Founder of MedShadow Foundation, and Jonathan Block, Content Manager, talk about the importance of ensuring that clinical trials for medicines are conducted with a diverse population. Did you know that African-Americans need a higher dose of warfarin than other groups do? That’s what makes this kind…

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