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Blood Pressure Meds, ACE Inhibitors, Cipro, Steroids and Optimism

A group of important studies, most could save your life. But the one I like best is last, opitmism will allow you to live longer – yay happiness!  Be well.   Blood Pressure Medicine  A new study shows a very large benefit to taking blood pressure meds at night instead…

Managing IBS With Minimal Meds

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is, at best, an uncomfortable condition. This week, Su and Jonathan discuss opting to try changes in diet and exercise before moving on the the medicines advertised on TV. Su Robotti: Hi, my name is Su Robotti, and I’m the founder of MedShadow. Jonathan Block: Hi,…

Got IBS? Try Dietary, Lifestyle Modifications Before Drugs

You have a recurring pain in your abdomen, and it’s usually accompanied by diarrhea or constipation. Could it be indigestion from a spicy meal last night, or something more serious? For millions of Americans – and many more who go undiagnosed – it’s the latter, and it’s likely a condition…

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