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Why I Decided to Use HRT

Before I hit menopause, I rarely—if ever—took prescription drugs. If I had a bad headache or cramps, I reached for the Advil. Extra-strength Tylenol got me through oral surgery. Claritin solved the issues of my occasional springtime allergies. But when I entered menopause at age 52, I was so overcome…

Does HRT for Menopause Deserve Its Bad Rap?

Almost like clockwork every year, a news story pops up asking, “Should we rethink hormone treatments for menopause?” Despite these prompts to ponder current menopause treatment options, confusion and fear about HRT-related health risks persist. Are women suffering symptoms unnecessarily due to outdated misconceptions? New guidelines in the November issue…

Hot Flash from FDA Advisors

Is it hot in here or is it me? That’s the not-so-funny punch line of menopause. 75% of the 32 million women experiencing menopause each year suffer from hot flashes. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) offered relief for hot flashes and the full spectrum of menopause symptoms, but they have high…

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