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Drugs and Pregnancy Part 2: Easing Nausea

In this 2nd part of our 7-part Drugs in Pregnancy series, we tackle the issue of pregnancy nausea. Though the one major anti-nausea drug prescribed during the first trimester, Diclegis (see below), is considered safe, it’s always smart to understand both how drugs’ (prescription or OTC) effects are altered during…

Should Kate Middleton Take Anti-Nausea Medicine for Morning Sickness?

Is the holy grail of morning sickness finally available? Several months ago, the Duchess previously known as Kate Middleton was hospitalized for severe morning sickness. A week or so later she was recovered and made the medical term for severe morning sickness, “hyperemesis gravidarum,” (HG) temporarily famous. The FDA has…

Kate’s Post Pregnancy Risk

It’s been widely reported that Kate and William are expecting their first child. The news included the information that Kate is experiencing an extreme form of morning sickness diagnosed as hyperemesis gravidarum, known as HG. Kate has been hospitalized as the risks are immediate and severe. What is less reported…

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