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autoimmune disease

Can an Opioid Addiction Drug Treat Autoimmune Disorders?

Evidence is mounting that low doses of naltrexone can treat conditions like lupus and multiple sclerosis effectively and with few side effects. A slew of drugs, both new and old, are used to treat autoimmune disorders like multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus and Crohn’s disease. Most of them come with side…

Can Cannabis or CBD Mess With My Meds?

Legal or illegal, marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) and related products are readily available to most people. These days, many patients are trying out the drugs, supplements, creams and edibles to treat diseases or symptoms like pain, anxiety and insomnia. According to a survey by Creaky Joints, a rheumatoid arthritis advocacy group,…

Say Bye to Inflammation and Hi to Healthy Recipes, on Instagram 

When viruses, bacteria and other foreign pathogens enter our bodies, our immune system fights back with inflammation — changes in blood flow and a rush of immune cells that allow it to locate and destroy the intruders. As long as the inflammation quickly retreats when it’s no longer needed, this…

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