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Back Pain

Pain in the Back? Treatments that Work

About 80% of all adults experience disabling low back pain at some point. Physical therapy and exercise are now the recommended back pain treatments.

For Back Pain, Try Non-Drug Measures First

Back pain is the most common kind of chronic pain. It’s also a near-ubiquitous form of acute, short-lived pain after a minor injury, a bit too much exercise, lifting something the wrong way, a stressful day at the computer or an encounter with a bad bed. In one survey, a…

Exercise Rx Plus Education Alleviates Lower-Back Pain

Exercise, especially when combined with education, was shown to help reduce lower-back pain. Exercise reduced the risk of lower-back pain episodes by 35% and the risk of sick leave over lower-back pain by 78%. When exercise was combined with education, the risk reduction for the prevention of episodes for up…

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