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Cardiovascular Disease

4 Foods That Can Mess With Your Meds

High blood pressure and heart disease meds, statins, dairy and Coumadin can all have bad interactions with certain drugs. Make sure you’re not blocking the effectiveness of your meds with your food.

Should You Worry About Beta Blockers?

If you spend any time talking about health with older Americans, the topic of beta blockers will inevitably come up. But what are they, and how dangerous is it to take them? And why do so many people seem to need them? “The number one use of beta blockers in…

Heart and Thyroid Drugs, Juul

Some heart drugs can cause suicide risks, Juul shipped a million contaminated pods and hormone replacement therapy during pregnancy doesn’t cause language delays in the children.

Study Questions Aspirin’s Effect in Preventing Cardiovascular Events

People who are at a moderate risk of developing cardiovascular disease that take a low-dose aspirin daily don’t have fewer heart problems compared to those that don’t take anything, according to a new study. Researchers enrolled more than 12,500 people aged 55 and older (men) or 60 and older (women)…

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