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Is Naloxone Harmful to a Person Not Overdosing?

A drug overdose can happen to anyone, whether you’re taking a prescription after a surgery, suffering from an opioid-use disorder or living in a home where the drugs are available and you find extras. Those who have never taken an opioid (called opioid-naive) or know little about how they will…

Gabapentin’s Side Effect Risks

Gabapentin (Neurontin, Lyrica) can be effective but the side effects can be “horrible.” And there are specific risks for 15-24-year olds.

Can ‘Smart’ Pill Bottles Keep Drugs Safe from Abuse?

Prescription drug abuse is a massive issue in our country, with an estimated 18 million people misusing these medications, according to 2017 research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Could a so-called “smart” pill bottle make a dent in that harrowing statistic? Scientists at King Abdullah University of Science…

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