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Drug Interactions

How to Take Fewer Medications

Taking too many medications raises your risk of adverse events. Deprescribing—the thoughtful process of identifying problematic medications and reducing the dose or stopping those medications in a safe, effective manner that  helps people maximize their well-being—is often easier said than done, explains Cynthia Boyd, MD, MPH, director of geriatric medicine…

Can Cannabis or CBD Mess With My Meds?

Legal or illegal, marijuana, cannabidiol (CBD) and related products are readily available to most people. These days, many patients are trying out the drugs, supplements, creams and edibles to treat diseases or symptoms like pain, anxiety and insomnia. According to a survey by Creaky Joints, a rheumatoid arthritis advocacy group,…

Seniors: Stay Safe With Your Meds

Most health providers are well-intentioned and caring. But they’re also often lacking the time, resources, and supportive systems they need to be more careful about medications. If you’re an older adult, or if you’re involved in the medical care of an aging relative, what can you do?

6 Reasons You Need a Primary Care Doctor In This Age of Specialization

As we age, most of us develop health issues. Along the way we may visit a specialist to handle each of these issues: for example, a cardiologist to treat hypertension and a gastroenterologist to treat acid reflux. However, it has become increasingly clear that in today’s era of specialization, you need a…

Avoiding Drug Interactions

How to safely take prescriptions and reduce interactions with food, alcohol and OTC drugs. Many of us are getting better at asking questions about how the drugs we are prescribed work or what their side-effects might be. And yet we often remain uninformed, or at least unsure, of how the…

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