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Doctors: Side Effects of HIV Medicines Can Be Managed 

Two patients have reportedly been cured of the HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) through bone marrow transplants intended to treat their cancer. A third was cured without the transplant. For most people, however, the disease still requires lifelong treatment, often with a combination of multiple drugs, which can lead to multiple…

HIV Patients Claim Pharmaceutical Giant Gilead Sciences Held Back Safer Drug

This month, more than 50 patients have filed lawsuits against the California-based drug company, alleging that Gilead Sciences has prioritized financial gains over safety as its human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) antiretroviral drugs have led to chronic kidney diseases and major bone fractures. Per the San Mateo Daily Journal (Foster City,…

4 Things to Know About PrEP for HIV Prevention

The PrEP regimen, which relies on taking the combination antiretroviral pill Truvada, can help prevent HIV. Here’s what you should know about it. For decades, abstinence and condoms were the only options for preventing HIV. Today, there’s a third: Truvada, a combination pill comprising 2 antiretroviral medications (emtricitabine and tenofovir)…

New HIV Drug Set To Cut Long-Term Side Effects Of Medication

Genvoya, a new anti-HIV drug that could drastically reduce long-term side effects, was given European Commission approval, allowing 28 countries in the EU to give it to HIV-positive patients. Trials show that Genvoya leads to reduced bone and kidney problems compared to current treatments. Via Buzzfeed News. Posted November 23,…

Long-term study backs early HIV drugs for children

Starting antiretroviral drug therapy at birth seems to control the development of the HIV virus in children better than testing and waiting until the levels reach a pre-determined threshold. It also allows the child to take breaks from the toxic mix of drugs. ViaBusiness Recorder. – MedShadow Staff 

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