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Fosamax Fractures Patient Protections

“Turning responsibility on its head.” In a (to me) stunning 9-0 decision, The US Supreme Court awarded Merck and all drug manufacturers a huge gift. Rather than finding that Merck has the responsibility for ensuring that the medical community and patients are alerted to harms their drug can cause, the…

What’s Next for the Fosamax Case in the Supreme Court?

MedShadow Founder Su Robotti was in the courtroom for arguments in this important case and provides a first-hand account of the proceedings. On January 7, I sat in the chambers of the US Supreme Court to hear oral arguments from Merck, defending its actions — and inactions — as they…

Most Medications Don’t Help Knee Osteoarthritis Pain Long Term

If you suffer from knee osteoarthritis (OA) and think drugs can bring you pain relief over the long term, a new meta-analysis is challenging that assumption. Researchers examined trials that 47 that enrolled more than 22,000 people with knee OA who were given 31 different types of medication as treatment…

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