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Drug Overdoses Misreported as Cardiac Arrests, Study Shows

You’ve heard about misreported causes of death a lot recently. For example, the debate rages on about the actual number of people who have died of COVID-19 because the way “cause of death” differs from state to state and even hospital to hospital. The problems that an untrustworthy count causes…

Overprescribing: Do You Really Need to Take That Med?

Do you take 4 pills a day? If so, you’re like most Americans. Yet what are we taking all these pills for, and are they improving our lives? The overuse of prescription drugs has become a serious problem in the US. We hear about this most in the context of…

Are Seniors Being Overmedicated?

Elderly patients may be taking 4, 5, 6 or more drugs, even though little is known about the dangers of interactions. Now ‘polypharmacy’ is being challenged How many medicines do you take? It’s a question that stumps many seniors and people with chronic illnesses. That’s because more people today take…

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