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Aging- What’s Normal?

Have you heard the one about the 90-year-old patient who tells the doctor his right knee hurts? The doctor says, “You’re 90. What do you expect? You’re going to have joint pain.” The patient replies, “Well, doctor, that’s an interesting concept, but you know my left knee is the exact…

Medicines Perpetuate Diagnosis

Medications Perpetuate the Diagnosis: As a registered nurse with a sincere passion for what I do, I’m very frequently in awe of what proper care and the right medications can accomplish. I work in pediatric intensive care, and every shift I’m thankful for all the ways care and medicine can…

5 Worst Drugs that Cause Dry Eye Disease

Dry eye disease is irritating and painful. As an optometrist, I know there are many possible causes, but the medicines you take might be the culprit.  Drugs are a common part of American life, 36% of people between the ages of 18-44 take between one and four medicines daily and…

The Link Between Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Common Meds

The Link Between Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Common Meds If you are 60+, stop taking these drugs now The evidence is piling up that many common meds can increase or possibly cause dementia and Alzheimer’s (a type of dementia) in those who are 60+. Generally, these are OTC drugs used for…

Ahhhh Chooo! Allergy Medicines

The CDC has come out with a timely warning about allergy medicines. Spring is the time for pollen, ragweed dust mites, hay fever and more. Any allergy will cause a stuffy nose, your eyes and nose will run and your eyes will itch. A few lucky people also get hives….

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