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Remdesivir Linked to Liver Toxicity and More Metformin Recalls

Good morning, all. We hope you’re hanging tough and that your week is off to a splendid start. As for the news cycle — things could be better. A new study on a medication used to treat COVID-19 contradicts its efficacy, and another pharmaceutical company recalled a batch of Metformin….

The First COVID-19 Treatment Could Come From Japan

While much of the focus for potential COVID-19 treatments has been on drugs that were either created or under development in the United States, one drug, Avigan (favipiravir), which was developed in Japan, is drawing attention.

Coronavirus Treatment: Does It Already Exist?

Do we already have a treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19)? Is President Trump right about chloroquine or is redesivir more promising for coronavirus? The biopharmaceutical industry is working to see if currently available medications could treat the illness COVID-19 causes. It’s important to note that drugs cannot be a cure for…

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