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Off-Label: Can Drugs Developed For Other Diseases Treat COVID-19?

Do we already have a treatment for coronavirus (COVID-19)? Was former President Trump right about chloroquine? Was remdesivir more promising for coronavirus? With such an urgent need for treatments, researchers and the biopharmaceutical industry have been working to determine if available medications can treat COVID-19. Treatment has improved during this…

Remdesivir Linked to Liver Toxicity and More Metformin Recalls

Good morning, all. We hope you’re hanging tough and that your week is off to a splendid start. As for the news cycle — things could be better. A new study on a medication used to treat COVID-19 contradicts its efficacy, and another pharmaceutical company recalled a batch of Metformin….

The First COVID-19 Treatment Could Come From Japan

While much of the focus for potential COVID-19 treatments has been on drugs that were either created or under development in the United States, one drug, Avigan (favipiravir), which was developed in Japan, is drawing attention.