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Birth Control Pill

Is It Time to Stop Taking the Pill?

I started taking the pill when I was in college, not as a method of birth control, but because it was the only thing that worked to quell the debilitating symptoms –- agonizing cramps, headaches, and severe nausea –- that accompanied my monthly period. About 10 years ago, I briefly…

Elevated Risk of Suicide for New Users of Hormonal Birth Control Methods

Women using hormonal contraceptives –- such as the birth control pill, vaginal rings and hormonal IUDs –- have double the risk of attempting suicide compared to those who never took any type of hormonal birth control, according to a new study. But the risk is both small and short-term. Researchers…

Birth Control Pills Linked to Higher Risk of Developing Depression

Women who take hormonal oral contraceptive birth control pills are at an elevated risk of being diagnosed with depression and prescribed an antidepressant, according to one of the largest studies to date examining the link. The most popular birth control pills in the U.S. combine two hormones, usually estrogen and…

Do Birth Control Pills Also Reduce Ovarian Cancer Risk?

Using birth control may do more than just prevent pregnancies. New research indicates it may also help to stave off death from ovarian cancer. Researchers analyzed data from the World Health Organization on deaths from ovarian cancer between 1970 and 2012 in nearly 50 countries. Between 2002 and 2012, those…

Newer Birth Control Pills Raise the Risk of Blood Clots

A University of Nottingham study found that using newer contraceptives was linked to anywhere from a two- to more than four-fold increased risk of developing clots compared to women who didn’t take oral contraceptives. Via Time. Posted May 26, 2015.

Birth Control Pill Risks May Now Include Brain Cancer

The results of a study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that women taking hormonal contraceptives — those containing estrogen, progestin or a combination of both — showed higher rates of a rare brain tumor known as glioma. Via Time. Posted January 22, 2015. –Alanna McCatty

Yaz, Yasmin BCPs linked to 23 deaths in Canada

The courts in Canada have certified a class-action suit against Bayer, maker of Yaz and Yasmin with 13 more pending. Class action lawsuits aggregate a number of individual cases into one representative lawsuit. Health Canada records indicate 23 deaths and 600 adverse reactions among women taking Yaz or Yasmin BCPs…

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