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How Alcohol Affects Newborns, Farxiga for Heart Failure, CCBs and Diuretics

Though it’s general knowledge that you shouldn’t drink or smoke when pregnant, there’s a surprisingly low number of studies — just three — that explore the effects that alcohol and tobacco have on a newborn’s brain. Though they’re not surprising, the results of the study are, without a doubt, important…

Side Effects of Bisphosphonates for Osteoporosis

You might think of your skeleton as simply providing structure for your body, but our bones are actually living organs with many essential functions. In addition to allowing movement and protecting our organs, for example, bones store almost all of the calcium in our bodies, and most of our blood…

Dear Pharmacist: Answer to “whys” benefit patients

“When you block the calcium-dependent membrane function in your gut with the drug metformin (used for diabetes), you lower vitamin B12 levels. A deficiency of B12 is well-documented. It can cause painful neuropathies. This answers the “why” question in case you have more numbness or pins and needles in your…

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