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Diabetes Drugs

How Do You Know Which Diabetes Drug Is Best for You?

Diabetes symptoms can be so mild that many people don’t even know they have it. Those who are diagnosed may stop taking their pills, because they find the side effects worse than disease’s limited symptoms. But it’s important to take this disease seriously because over time untreated or poorly treated…

Hypoglycemia and Ketoacidosis: Risks of Diabetes Drugs

✅ This article was reviewed and approved by Terry Graedon, member of our MedShadow Medical Advisory Board. When Ron Carlson died on his motorcycle at 66, it wasn’t a slippery road or a distracted driver that led to his demise. It was hypoglycemia, according to the medical examiner who reviewed…

Diabetes: Finding the Right Drugs – Diet Balance

Carol Gee had been using two different types of insulin injections as well as a pill to control her blood sugar successfully. Then her insurance company told her doctor they’d no longer cover the combination of drugs unless the doctor could show that no other options were suitable. When she…

Remdesivir Linked to Liver Toxicity and More Metformin Recalls

Good morning, all. We hope you’re hanging tough and that your week is off to a splendid start. As for the news cycle — things could be better. A new study on a medication used to treat COVID-19 contradicts its efficacy, and another pharmaceutical company recalled a batch of Metformin….

Learning You Have Type 2 Diabetes the Hard Way

“Long story short, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in the emergency room. I don’t really remember what happened. I only remember a nurse struggling to put in an IV line. My A1c was a whopping 14 and was warned that if I didn’t take control of my life I would be a repeat customer.”