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IBS Is Manageable, Doctors Say

When personal trainer and nutrition coach Erik Ossner was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), he says he felt almost betrayed: “The foods I consider paramount to my physical success are now turning against my body.” He says medicines haven’t helped much either, so he’s been experimenting with different foods…

How Alcohol Affects Newborns, Farxiga for Heart Failure, CCBs and Diuretics

Though it’s general knowledge that you shouldn’t drink or smoke when pregnant, there’s a surprisingly low number of studies — just three — that explore the effects that alcohol and tobacco have on a newborn’s brain. Though they’re not surprising, the results of the study are, without a doubt, important…

The Top Heart Meds: Risks Vs. Benefits

Prescription heart medications are so common — millions of Americans currently take at least one to treat everything from high blood pressure and high cholesterol to heart failure and stroke — that it’s easy to assume that they are easy on your system, that the side effects must be minor because so many people take them. Not so. One of the two top reasons patients give for not taking heart drugs as prescribed is “fear of side effects.”