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Warning: Drug Ads May Cause Confusion

Would allowing pharmaceutical companies to include fewer risks in television and print ads be good for consumers? Members of the MedShadow team weigh in. The FDA is reviewing the possibility of reducing the number of potential risks and side effects that pharmaceutical companies are required to place inside television and…

Are Direct-to-Consumer Ads Portraying Drug Risks Effectively?

Are consumers inundated with risks and side effects in drug ads to the point they don’t pay attention to that important information? It seems that you can’t open a popular magazine these days without coming across at least one drug ad. Direct-to-consumer (DTC) print ads are a key method the…

Cancer Drug Websites May Overstate Benefits, Minimize Risks

Websites from pharmaceutical companies that promote cancer drugs are much more likely to provide data that backs up claims about the medications’ benefit while providing scant details about the risks associated with them. The FDA’s Office of Prescription Drug Promotion, along with RTI International, examined 65 websites –- 57 from…

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