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Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Why I Decided to Use HRT

Before I hit menopause, I rarely—if ever—took prescription drugs. If I had a bad headache or cramps, I reached for the Advil. Extra-strength Tylenol got me through oral surgery. Claritin solved the issues of my occasional springtime allergies. But when I entered menopause at age 52, I was so overcome…

HRT appears to lower leg ulcers

Leg ulcers/pressure sores are slow to heal. It seems that the estrogen in HRT might speed healing. Study from U of PA Medical Centre via

Hot flashes = hot market for Noven

16 million women put up with moderate to severe hot flashes because the hormone therapy drugs offered have side effects that are worse than the benefits. 8 million more women find the hot flashes so incapacitating that they take the drugs available, even though the  estrogen in the drugs has…

HRT Increases Breast Cancer

The news about hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that combines estrogen AND progestin is not good. In a newly released analysis of the ongoing Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) study, the combined hormone therapy has an increased risk of breast cancer and not many benefits. This does NOT include HRT that has only…

Hormone Therapy Increases Risk of Gallstones

The Canadian Medical Associate Journal published a report (March 18, 2013) about a study that indicates an increased risk of gallbladder surgery because of gallstones among women taking estrogen via pill. Interestingly, the risk decreases when the estrogen is taken via transdermal gel or patch. Dr. Bette Liu, on the…

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