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6 Things to Know About Ketamine for Depression

The anesthetic ketamine is increasingly being used off-label for depression. The drug seems to work rapidly, but its long-term side effects are unknown. Two decades ago, ketamine was known as two things: an anesthetic used in pet surgery and a party drug nicknamed “special K” that was popular at raves….

News Scan 6/18/2019: Gabapentin and Ketamine

Sad news this week: Drugs causing suicide and the FDA’s shortcuts in approving the drugs. Read on: Gabapentin Suicide, overdose high especially among young people. Lyrica is worse than Neurontin. Gabapentinoids Tied to Suicidal Behavior and Unintentional Overdose MedPage Today, June 14, 2019 Ketamine  Spravato, inhaled ketamine, had 3 patients…