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6 Things to Know About Ketamine for Depression

The anesthetic ketamine is increasingly being used off-label for depression. The drug seems to work rapidly, but its long-term side effects are unknown. Two decades ago, ketamine was known as two things: an anesthetic used in pet surgery and a party drug nicknamed “special K” that was popular at raves….

News Scan 6/18/2019: Gabapentin and Ketamine

Sad news this week: Drugs causing suicide and the FDA’s shortcuts in approving the drugs. Read on: Gabapentin Suicide, overdose high especially among young people. Lyrica is worse than Neurontin.Gabapentinoids Tied to Suicidal Behavior and Unintentional Overdose MedPage Today, June 14, 2019 Ketamine  Spravato, inhaled ketamine, had 3 patients die…