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Can Sinus Pain Keep You From Thinking Clearly?

Many patients seek sinus pain treatment not as a result of the pain itself becoming unbearable, but because it interrupts their ability to think and function, according to researchers. Plainview Hospital otolaryngologist Jay Youngerman, MD, says that some of his older patients see improved cognitive function after successful sinus pain…

Lifestyle Changes and Asthma

Medication and lifestyle changes are equally important. Asthma cannot be properly managed without them both.

Naloxone Nasal Spray OK’d for Sale

Nasal spray formulation of naloxone hydrochloride, to be sold as Narcan and indicated for emergency treatment of opioid overdose, won approval from the FDA. It’s the first non-injectable form of naloxone to be cleared for U.S. sale. Via MedPage Today. Posted November 19, 2015. –Alanna McCatty