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5 Common Meds That Cause Liver Damage

Your liver is one of the body’s most crucial organs. Unfortunately, many drugs can put extra strain on it. Find out which ones do and how to minimize harm.

Fibromyalgia Taught Me To Fight for My Health

My mother would often declare that I am as stubborn as the Minnesota winter is cold and that I do what I want rather than what I am told to do. But, in the same breath, she will admit that I have my father’s sense of academic adventure. If I…

Follow the Simple Instructions – Or Else

A few years ago, I started taking more Motrin (ibuprofen) than the label said I should. I’m a pharmacist, I knew what I was doing, right? So wrong. Ibuprofen is a great medicine for headache and pain not relieved by other nonprescription aspirin or acetaminophen (Tylenol) products. I used it…

Should You Treat Your Child’s Cold, Cough or Fever With OTC Meds?

I swallowed so many doses of over-the-counter (OTC) cold medication when I was a child. “Cough medicine” was my mother’s go-to remedy for colds. At the first cough or sneeze, she’d pull the bottles from the top kitchen shelf and carefully pour the viscous liquid onto a spoon, which she…

6 Things To Know About Your Over-the-Counter Medications

By Emily ShearerJustCareUSA Over-the-counter medications are drugs you can buy without a prescription to treat common problems. However, you should still use them with caution. A number of recent studies have revealed worrisome side effects from incorrect use of OTC medicines. Here are six things you should know about over-the-counter…

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