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Propecia and the DEA

The stories this week reflect actual, deliberate wrongdoing. Who chooses wrong over right? 

Propecia: Hair Growth for Most, Impotence – & Worse – for Some

Propecia was heralded as a major breakthrough for the 50 million men suffering from male pattern baldness when it hit the market in 1997. But with its popularity has come mounting concerns about its serious side effects, and not only while patients take it, but for months or even years after they stop….

Commonly Used Drug Can Make Men Stop Enjoying Sex – Irreversibly

Strong claims made about the side effects of hair loss drug, Propecia (generic name finasteride): loss of sexual pleasure, shrinking of penis and other sexual organs, difficulty in achieving an erection, depression, breast cancer in men, affect prostate tests (PSA), and cause high-grade prostate cancer. In the FDA approval documents,…