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No Link Found Between Tamiflu and Suicide Risk in Kids

The flu medication Tamiflu (oseltamivir) is not associated with an increased risk of suicide among children, according to a new study. Previous studies have drawn a connection between the antiviral drug and psychiatric adverse events, including abnormal behavior, psychosis, and suicide. However, these studies were inconsistent because they relied on…


Overview Tamiflu, also known as oseltamivir, is an antiviral medication used to treat symptoms caused by the flu virus (influenza). It works by making the symptoms (such as stuffy nose, cough, sore throat, fever, aches and pains, and tiredness) less severe. Tamiflu is used to treat influenza in people 2…

Can Echinacea Melt Winter’s Colds and Flu?

Echinacea, a herbal remedy made from a flowering plant, can prevent respiratory infections—or even help treat them once they begin. A study, of 473 adults, published in 2015 in Current Therapeutic Research found a hot drink blend of echinacea and elderberry showed comparable efficacy to Tamiflu in treating symptoms of influenza….