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Vitamin D: Pros and Cons

Is it possible that vitamin D can ward off cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, metabolic disorders, depression, infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, mortality and even autism? Readers of health articles have been deluged by such stories.

Don’t Look to Multivitamins for Heart, Stroke Benefits

Multivitamins and mineral supplements (MVMs) don’t help to prevent heart attack or stroke, or have any cardiovascular benefits, according to a meta-analysis. Researchers examined the results from 18 individual published studies with more than 2 million participants. Results showed that MVMs had no effect in reducing the risk of heart…

Should You Take Vitamins?

By Diane Liz Szabo reports in The New York Times that older Americans are popping supplements like candy. Doctors may recommend certain vitamins like vitamin D and folic acid, and dozens of others are marketed widely. But, the evidence suggests that most of these supplements offer no health benefits…

5 Vitamins That Can Harm You

Take vitamins and think they are all healthy for you? Think again – many are dangerously overused. Find out which ones may actually do you more harm than good. By almost any measure, the use of vitamin supplements among Americans is staggeringly high. More than half of all US adults…

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