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If You Smoke Pot, Your Anesthesiologist Needs To Know

Observations and initial research show that marijuana use may affect patients’ responses to anesthesia on the operating table — and, depending on the patient’s history of using the drug, either help or hinder their symptoms afterward in the recovery room.

Marijuana Legalization Linked to More ER Visits

A new study is shedding light on one of the growing impacts of marijuana legalization across the country: It is leading to more emergency room visits. Researchers in Colorado, where cannabis for recreational use was legalized in 2012, examined the records of nearly 10,000 patient ER visits at one hospital…

Docs Express Concerns About Side Effects of Medical Marijuana

Although medical marijuana is gaining more and more acceptance throughout the country, a growing number of doctors are expressing concerns about the likelihood that smoking weed harms lungs. While marijuana may possess some medical benefits, some medical experts say there are other ways to take cannabis that minimize the side effects….

Does Medical Marijuana Cut Down on Prescription Drug Use?

The rise in the number of states allowing marijuana for medical use seems to be having an unexpected benefit: It has led to fewer drug prescriptions being filled, especially meds used to treat pain. W. David Bradford, PhD, of the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of…

Weed is not like Wine

Marijuana’s potency is different every time you use it. Wine and alcohol have a consistent effect. That’s why there’s no “breathalizer” or easy test for impairment. Learn more about why weed legalization will cause problems