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Common Antidepressants Linked to Higher Fracture Odds in Menopausal Women

A study published in the Injury Prevention Journal suggests that women who were prescribed a common class of antidepressants (Celexa, Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft) to ease menopausal symptoms may face a long-term rise in their risk for bone fracture. Researchers based their findings on more than 137,000 women who were…

Lawsuit in Pennsylvania Alleges Zoloft Caused Serious Birth Defects

Review of a lawsuit filed July 5, 2013 alleging Zoloft caused birth defects. Also alleges  that Pfizer did not conduct proper clinical trials, failed to disclose adverse events, failed in its duty to warn pregnant women and their doctors of potential side effects in children. via Injury Lawer News

Good for the Mom, Bad for the Baby?

The first hope of any pregnant woman is to have a healthy baby. For those babies born with congenital heart disease it means a lifetime of extra healthcare and multiple surgeries. Some of those mothers are haunted by the concern that a drug they took during pregnancy for depression might…