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The Troubling Marketing Behind a Prescription Fish Oil Pill

By Diane ArcherJustCareUSA As we all know, some pharmaceutical companies will go very far to sell their products. Shefali Luthra reports for Kaiser Health News that Amarin has been making unsupported claims about the benefits of its medicine, Vascepa. Don’t believe their fishy marketing. Amarin’s medicine is simply purified fish…

No Benefit From Fish Oil Pills in Reducing Cardiovascular Risks

A large review of clinical trials has found that omega-3 supplements, also known as fish oil pills, do not provide any benefit in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. The Cochrane review examined 79 trials and more than 110,000 participants. Results found that increasing intake of EPA and DHA, the…

Fish Oil Pills Do Little to Reduce Cardiovascular Risks

Contrary to popular belief, taking omega-3 supplements (aka fish oil) may not do much to reduce cardiovascular risk. In order to assess the supplement’s effectiveness, researchers collected data from 10 trials, which consisted of 77,917 people who were around 64 years old and had a high risk of heart disease….

Fish Oil Pills May Cut Death Risk, But Only for Certain Patients

Omega-3 fish oil may prevent death and hospitalization from heart disease, but only for patients that have experienced a heart attack or heart failure. A committee of cardiology experts says that the clinical evidence falls short of recommending that the general public take fish oil pills to curb the risks…

Pros and Cons: Fish Oil Pills

Fish oil pills are among the most popular dietary supplements taken by Americans as nearly 8% of adults — roughly 19 million people — take them. And why? The pills contain omega-3 fatty acids — perhaps the one type of fat you don’t want to cut back on — that…

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