MedShadow Foundation Appoints Albulena Prelvukaj as Marketing/Development Manager

NEW YORK, NY, August 7th, 2018 – MedShadow Foundation, the online nonprofit that informs people about the side effects, risks and benefits of medicine, has announced the appointment of Albulena Prelvukaj as Marketing/Development Manager.

“We are thrilled to have Albulena on the MedShadow team,” says Suzanne B. Robotti, founder and president, MedShadow Foundation and Consumer Representative, FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee.  “MedShadow has helped millions of people to find out about the side effects of medicines and improve their lives. With Albulena on board, we’ll help even more people avoid dangerous side effects.”  She will also work with DES Action USA, sister organization and advocacy group for those affected by the synthetic estrogen diethelstylbestrol.

In her new role, Albulena Prelvukaj, will oversee marketing and development for MedShadow Foundation. She brings extensive experience in working with nonprofits in the health and wellness sector. Previously, she served as Director, The Sandanah Foundation, where she implemented and managed a successful annual fundraising campaign that supported building sustainable access to health care and education in low resource settings around the globe. As Membership Coordinator for the G4 Alliance — an organization which strives to provide universal access to quality surgical, obstetric, trauma and anesthesia care — she interfaced with key stakeholders, including senior political ambassadors, ministers of health as well as NGO delegates. Experienced in executing both large-scale advocacy events and board meetings, Albulena has produced global conferences across Europe, South America and Africa to national advocacy events throughout the United States. She holds a masters degree in International Affairs from The Australian National University and a bachelor of arts degree from CUNY/College of Staten Island.

About MedShadow Foundation

MedShadow Foundation is the award-winning, independent, online nonprofit 501(c)(3) that informs people about the side effects, long-term impacts, risks and benefits of medications, both over-the-counter and prescription. The organization was founded in 2012 by Suzanne Robotti, a health/patient advocate who currently serves as the consumer representative on the FDA Drug Safety and Risk Management Advisory Committee. MedShadow engages leading medical and science journalists to report on news and studies about the side effects of medicines.   MedShadow Foundation does not accept any funding or support from pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. In 2018, MedShadow was once again awarded the prestigious “Top-Rated” designation by Great Nonprofits. For more information, visit



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