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Better Than A Pill Podcast

#55 Episode: Interview with Suzanne Robotti

Ever wondered who’s safeguarding you from medication risks? Meet Suzanne Robotti, a fierce advocate who turned her own adversity into action. From battling the effects of DES to shaping FDA policies, Suzanne is your go-to guru for navigating the labyrinth of drug safety and asking the right questions.


Better Than A Pill Podcast

Stop Using the Medicine Cabinet. Oh, and Now Clean It Out

If your bathroom mirror is a repository for old prescription medicines and over-the-counter pain relievers, you’re not alone. However, it’s crucial to assess your medication inventory. READ MORE.


Get Savvy: Demystifying Healthcare

Prescribed and Confused? Ask These 5 Key Medication Questions

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Fathers After Fifty

Exploring the Hidden Dangers of Prescription Drugs. A Personal Odyssey of Side Effects and Alternative Treatments

In Suzanne Robotti’s exploration of pharmaceuticals’ effects on health, she delves into personal experiences with medication side effect.. READ MORE.


Authority Magazine

How to Alleviate Chronic Pain

In this interview series, “Becoming Pain-Free: How to Alleviate Chronic Pain,” medical professionals and authors share insights and strategies to help those suffering from chronic pain.. READ MORE.


Rebellious Wellness After 50

In episode 109 of “Dirty Little Secrets About Popular Prescription Medications,” Sue Robotti, inspired by her personal experience with DES exposure.. READ MORE.


The Light of Life

The Trials and Errors of Prescription Drugs With Suzanne

Suzanne’s teenage years were marked by developmental challenges, compounded by the devastating news that she would never conceive due to.. READ MORE.


Veganish and All Things

Su Robotti, Founder of