Organizations and Websites We Like

Addiction Guide

Nonprofit that provides resources for drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP)

A collaboration between Center for Evidence-based Policy and the Pacific Northwest Evidence-based Practice Center to produce systematic, evidence-based reviews of comparative effectiveness and safety of drugs in many classes.

Informed Medical Decisions Foundation

IMDF collaborates with partners to create decision support tools that are unbiased and evidence-based. Decision-making should be shared between patient and provider. IMDF does not work with/accept funding from pharmaceutical/medical device companies.

On-line communities of patients & caregivers with similar health concerns. Share experience to better manage your own emotional and medical journey. The site receives funding from and shares info with health care companies.

A website that is both wide and deep with health information, including sections on diseases, drugs and testing, and areas for patient care and for medical professionals.

Mayo Clinic Drugs and Supplements information database drug look-up

A continuation of that provides in-depth information regarding supplements.

MedLinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

A comprehensive online library of information from the National Institutes of Health.

The Offsides database

A resource of 438,801 off-label — those effects not listed on the FDA’s official drug label — side effects for 1332 drugs and 10,097 adverse events. Associated with the Tatonetti Lab Columbia University Medical Center.

Patient-Centered Outcomes Institute

Created as part of the Affordable Care Act to study the Comparative effectiveness of different treatments.

RxRisk is a free website that provides doctors and pharmacists the chance to research prescription drugs and report side effects.

Sider 4.1 Side Effect Resource

Sider provides information on marketed medicines and their recorded reactions.


An all-encompassing for-profit website that combines solid editorial standards with a consumer magazine sensibility.


Last updated: August 2, 2016