Author: Garnell Bradley

Garnell Bradley

I was forced into a hyper-awareness of personal health when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol as a teenager. From that point, I began meticulously studying every nutrition label, every medication, and every form of exercise that could positively or adversely affect me going forward. That journey has led me here. With a BA in English from New Jersey’s Montclair State University, a Google marketing certification, and a Master’s in Marketing degree in progress at Georgia State University, I am relatively young in my marketing career. Despite this, I’ve been able to amass a social media following of at least 30,000 organic followers by sharing my art, remaining vocal on issues of social justice, and publishing my own works of science fiction. A 10+ year career with globally renowned companies like Delta Airlines, Expeditors International, and The Walt Disney Company also enriched my experiences. I’m grateful to have now found a way to reconcile my personal and professional endeavors, in a company with a mission that has been dear to me since age 16. Through MedShadow, I intend to apply what I’ve learned to reach as many people as possible and help guide them toward the healthiest possible lifestyle.

In recent years, the benefits of the Mediterranean diet have made headlines worldwide as the key to longevity. Life expectancy is reported to increase by over twelve years for those on the regimen, leading many to wonder if it was the best diet one could follow. The Keto diet, on the other hand, has been a longstanding hallmark for those seeking weight loss, health improvements, and protection from illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, and others.  Both diets appear to bring huge benefits, but there is one problem: it is impossible to adhere to both plans at the same time. Each has…

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