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Join us in raising funds to help protect you and your family from the side effects of medication. Help support our cause.

Join our fundraiser to help MedShadow Foundation raise important funds to further our mission of protecting people from the side effects of medication! Whether you make a donation, start a team, or simply support us by sharing the campaign, your help goes a long way and makes a difference.

Medshadow helps protect you and your family from the side effects of medications.

How do we do that?

  • Awareness – All medicines have side effects. We can help you manage them.
  • Education – Learn about taking fewer medications in lower doses and being more independent from prescription drugs.
  • Inspiration – Get healthier and live a better lifestyle.

Why trust MedShadow?

  • We are independent, unbiased, and not funded by pharmaceutical companies.
  • We are one of the only nonprofit health news organizations focused on delivering trusted, balanced, unbiased, and honest information.
  • We’ve been educating people on the side effects of medication for over 10 years and are on a mission to be readers’ most reliable resource for medicine safety and informed health and wellness choices.

What we bring to you.

Awareness | Medicine can help, heal, or harm. You deserve to know the truth.

  • Medicine can help, heal, or harm. Medical harm and side effects of prescription drugs are two of the top leading causes of death in the U.S. This is a hidden crisis. Several large corporations own 80% of health media today. And 90% of health media is funded by Big Pharma advertising.

Education | We bring facts to light and empower you to make informed health decisions.

  • A large portion of the US world’s population is overmedicated and undereducated.

Inspiration | Hear and see the stories of people affected and learn from unbiased professionals to inspire you to make better health choices that matter.

  • Side effects are personal. They can affect everyone differently. They can be dangerous or benign, can impact the quality of life, or even be life-threatening.

Why do we need your help.

We are funded by individuals like you. We never accept money from pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. Please help us to:

  • Video Production – For more engaging and helpful content
  • Platform & Tool Development – For convenient personalized access and health resources designed for you
  • Content Creators – For quality valuable content that’s interesting, educational, and inspirational
  • Professional Contribution – For trusted health perspectives

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