Author: Yusuf Olatunji

Yusuf Olatunji

Yusuf Mukaila is a freelance health and wellness writer with years of real-world expertise in holistic and alternative health. He holds a bachelor's degree in Life Sciences and a professional degree in Naturopathy. He's passionate about healthy living, disease prevention, and everything in between. He has written for Health Magazine Dubai, Olaking Holistic Medicine, and other international brands.

Your body depends largely on the liver for its overall well-being. The liver breaks down nutrients in your foods and flushes out harmful substances. Over time, certain things we consume and health conditions can overwhelm the liver and interfere with its normal function, leading to a range of liver diseases, including: Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) Alcoholic liver disease Cirrhosis Hepatitis Liver failure Liver cancer Cirrhosis and chronic liver disease alone account for 56,585 deaths every year in the United States. Worldwide, liver conditions account for four percent of deaths, totaling over 2 million deaths annually. Liver diseases are commonly…

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