IVF Babies + Mystery Cancer – is history repeating itself?

An online journal, Fertility and Sterility, published a meta-study (a study of studies) on childhood cancer incident in IVF-born children. The increased percent of cancers was frightening, 33%. However, there are so few incidences of childhood cancers (9% of all children, all cancers combined) that the increase would mean one additional childhood cancer per 4,236 women treated – in Denmark, where this study took place. That also assumes that IVF and the increase in childhood cancers is actually linked. Because it’s such a small basis and the doctors don’t know why IVF might cause childhood cancer, it could be coincidence or another cause unrelated to IVF, but possibly related to infertility.

What might be causing it? As reported by MedpageToday.com, a causal link might be found in the fertility treatments. “Potential mechanisms whereby fertility treatment might cause childhood cancers include epigenetic changes induced by repeated hormone exposure, semen preparation, freezing of embryos and gametes, use of culture media, growth conditions for embryos, and delayed insemination,” the reporting doctors noted.

Did anyone mention Dex? Dexamethasone is the male steroid given to some women very early in IVF pregnancies? It’s not approved by the FDA for pregnancy, but scan through IVF clinic websites and many mention Dex as a standard part of their protocol. Those doctors are prescribing on a “hunch.”

Given the disastrous history of giving pregnant women female steroids, one might assume that male and female steroids use would be banned for pregnant women. It is not. Finding cancer? Look to history.

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Suzanne B. Robotti

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