Tips for Calming Work Anxiety and Beating the “Sunday Scaries”

Tips for Calming Work Anxiety and Beating the "Sunday Scaries"
Tips for Calming Work Anxiety and Beating the "Sunday Scaries"
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Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes. People have anxiety about going to work everyday. And, while no two experiences may be exactly the same, there are some stressors on our mental health that are shared by the masses. What can be helpful are tips for calming work anxiety.

Most of us have experienced the “Sunday Scaries” at one point or another. It’s that feeling of dread that creeps up as the weekend draws to a close, and we begin to anticipate the work week ahead. Studies show it is a common phenomenon, among all levels of employed persons. Even your boss may have the same anxieties, as some studies show as much as one in two business leaders feel the Sunday Scaries.

The Sunday Scaries are often characterized by anxiety and worry over the idea of returning to work on Monday. Weekdays tend to be busy for many, while weekends are often reserved for downtime. You can feel this anxiety to return to a hectic week even if you don’t have a particularly stressful schedule coming up. 

Sometimes it is the unknown that comes with a new workweek, which can set off anxiety in anyone. Even those who love what they do, and welcome challenges in their professional lives, can have this anxiety from time to time.

The Sunday Scaries can manifest in the form of stomach issues, restlessness, irritability, depression, or a general sense of unease. Many turn to medications, both prescribed and over-the-counter, to ease their symptoms. From chomping down some antacids, to increasing sleep medications, many suffering from anxieties like the Sunday Scaries turn to medications that may be otherwise unnecessary. 

Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to calm work anxiety on Sunday so you can get the most out of your weekend! And, more importantly, reduce your need for medications. By making sensible lifestyle changes, you can avoid the need for drugs and their potentially harmful side effects.

Here, the Med Shadow Foundation provides some helpful strategies on how to deal with work anxiety and reduce your pre-work-week stress. 

Address Tangible Problems

First, try to narrow down the cause of your work anxiety. Identifying what it is you’re worried about can help you find ways to address looming problems and feel more prepared for Monday.

Make Your Home a Calming Oasis

Despite feeling prepared for the workweek, you might still experience a feeling of dread and anxiety on Sunday. Turning your home into a relaxing sanctuary can help calm these distressing feelings.

Spend Your Sundays on Self-Care

Dedicating your Sundays to self-care is a great way to prepare for the week ahead and avoid ruminating on worries and what-ifs.

Create a Care Routine that Works

Don’t let the Sunday Scaries derail your weekend. If you often feel anxious about the upcoming workweek, think about what you can do about it without medication! Try preparing for the week on Friday, keeping your home calm and relaxing, and using your Sunday to practice healthy self-care habits. 

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Managing work anxiety and the Sunday Scaries can be challenging. Alongside the brilliant self-care and calming tips in this article, another impactful way to reduce stress is through task prioritization techniques. Effectively organizing and scheduling your tasks can help control the feeling of unease that accompanies the impending workweek. Check out this concise guide on how to prioritize tasks (https://productive.fish/blog/how-to-prioritize-tasks/) at Productive Fish. This can be a powerful add-on to your stress management toolkit.

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