What Impact Do Topamax Birth Defects Have on Adolescents

What Impact Do Topamax Birth Defects Have on Adolescents
What Impact Do Topamax Birth Defects Have on Adolescents
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Topamax Side Effects

Topamax is marketed for several conditions including seizures, alcohol dependence and migraines. Weight loss is a common side effect (anorexia is a side effect also) but also Topamax birth defects. It is prescribed for weight loss under the brand name Qsymia. Topamax is a drug with significant side effects which should be carefully weighed against the benefits. In many cases other drugs or therapies can be successful for weight loss or migraine relief. The FDA has increased warnings about Topamax recently and changed it a Category D for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Topamax Potential Threat To Developing Fetus

The website LawyersandSettlements.com wrote in a recent article, “The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has long since tagged topiramate as a potential threat to a developing fetus and has cautioned doctors to seriously consider the ramifications of prescribing Topamax for any reason to women of child-bearing age.” LawyersandSettlements.com reports on class action and similar drug related suits.

Cleft pallette and cleft lip are the most common side effects in a child exposed to Topamax in utero. The surgery to correct Topamax birth defects , assuming the family can afford it, can leave scars.

Multiple Law Suits Claiming Topamax Birth Defects

There are multiple law suits claiming birth defects occurred because pregnant women or women who became pregnant while on Topamax were not made aware of the risk to the fetus. The law suits are not only on behalf of Topamax birth defects, but to the continuing damage of scarring and the teen years.

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