Could Taking Tylenol During Pregnancy Change the Reproductive Systems of Female Offspring

Moms-to-be should be cautious while taking Tylenol (acetaminophen, paracetamol) — a common treatment for pain relief — because it may hinder the future fertility of their female offspring, according to an article published in Endocrine Connections.

Researchers from Copenhagen University Hospital reviewed 3 different studies involving rodents. All 3 studies indicated that there’s a change in the reproductive systems of female offspring from mothers given paracetamol during pregnancy, specifically that there are fewer eggs available. This alteration may impair their fertility in adulthood.

The researchers point out that though there are parallels between rodent and human reproductive development, these findings have yet to be firmly established in humans. Trying to establish a link between paracetamol taken by mothers during pregnancy and fertility problems much later in the adult life of the child will be difficult.

Dr. David Kristensen, lead researcher, states, “As scientists, we are not in the positon to make any medical recommendations and we would urge pregnant women in pain to consult with their general practitioner, midwife or pharmacist for professional advice.”

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