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tiktok fitness challenges

We all know exercising regularly is one of the best things we can do to maintain health and ward off disease. But, let’s be honest, sometimes exercise is boring and, ouch!, it hurts to strengthen those muscles, especially the core. 

You can spice up your routine and forget the pain using the TikTok challenges, below.  Some ways are to add one to the end of your usual workout, do as many as you can one after another or build up to the more taxing routines. 

Note: the videos featured below aren’t necessarily by the creators of the original challenges.  

Heart-Pumping Moves 

Speed Run

As the beat ticks up, so do you.

@theraefamily♬ Muhammad – N-O-F-î-L💯


Poison” Challenge

Grab a couple of friends and get your hearts pumping, while you master this inventive dance routine.

@larri2006#fyp#foryoupageofficially#siblingschallenge#fitnesschallenge#poisonchallenges#surgeryonline @tinez90♬ Poison (as made famous by Bell Biv DeVoe) – Future R&B Hitmakers


Box and Rock

Punch your way through “We Will Rock You”, to play while you work up a sweat.

@trainhard_eatwellIch freu mich über eure Duetts 🚀 #fitnesschallenge #fitness #workout #sport♬ We Will Rock You – Nickelback


Give Push-ups Fresh Umph


Build Up to a Push-up

Gain strength and confidence with these variations.

@hybridcalisthenicsReply to @palomanyoka You CAN do pushups, my friend! #GetFit #homeworkout #pushups #quarantine #learnontiktok #fitnesstips #fitgirl #calisthenics♬ original sound – Hybrid Calisthenics


A Magical Push-up

Shift your weight to one side and make a broom “float” during this extreme physical test.

@seandrewwHow many can you do!? Reply to @tylercsatari #pushup #pushupchallenge #challenges #workoutchallenge #magicpushup #foryoupage♬ original sound – Sean Andrew


Strike a Pose

Use strength gained from push-ups as well as your video-editing skills to create this wacky levitation illusion.

@halilibrahimgokerKim kapışmak ister? 😀 #plankchallenge #plank #workoutchallenge #fitness♬ #PlankChallenge – (Null)

Push Up and Stack!

Find out how many plastic cups you can stack between push-ups. Maybe, add another one each day.

@you1stlondonHardest one yet 😭 #fyp #f #fitnesschallenge #fitness #xyzbca #xyzcba #fitnessindia #foryoupage #foryou♬ original sound – NaiHe



Squat, Lunge, Kick  

 Dancing on the Low Down

Do this entire sequence in the squat position to firm up your glutes and thighs.

@thehartesistersYour ass and legs will burn 🔥 you need to give this leg day challenge a try ✨ W/c @issavasquez_ #homeworkout #fitness IG: gntfitness♬ sonido original – Issabela Vásquez


Lunging Legs

Keep practicing these rapid switch lunges, until you’re in sync with the beat.

@oriolpamiesDAY 11 | 21/90 #fitnesschallenge 💪🏼 @alejandro_qa #workout #entrenoencasa #homeworkout #lgbt #gaycouple♬ sonido original – ❤️Yeraldin04❤️


Uno, Dos, Tres

Combine your cardio and leg workouts in  these actions. Uno, dos, tres, abajo!

@abxhud1123 challenge .. try this! #fitness #fitnesschallenge #fyp #foryoupage #squatcchallenge♬ sonido original – Toni.vlc06

 A Delicate Balance

Challenge both your balance and flexibility with this hold-and-kick-the-water-bottle move.

@lexi.0626😏#mybodydifferent #fitnesschallenge #balance #fyp #foryou♬ Deep End Freestyle – Sleepy Hallow & Fousheé


 Tighten That Core


Dancing Plank

Let the lively lyrics in this frenetic plank pose be your guide.

@meg.boggsa little hiit stop 👏🏼 try this!! #plankchallenge #thankyoubody #fyp #fitness♬ Hit Yo Rollie – ハハハハハ


Cupid’s Plank Shuffle

Clear out the floor to turn the cupid shuffle into the ultimate core-burning plank workout.

@_tbg_6This is how we ended our workout 💪🏼@alexandrayaeger #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #cupidshuffle #cupidcouplechallenge #homeworkout♬ Original Sound – Unknown


Don’t Spill the Water

Lift your legs over, between and around three bottles of water for a serious test of control and lower-abdominal strength.

@blogilatesAbs and hydration! #FindYourCore #TeamCoreHydration #ad♬ BORN FOR THIS – Foxxi

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