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Melissa Finley
Melissa Finley Editorial Content Manager

As a nonprofit that encourages you to think for yourself, tells you not to believe everything you read online, and to do your own diligent research, it’s a fair question to ask: why should I trust MedShadow? 

From articles to podcasts, social media and infographics MedShadow content goes through a rigorous process of review, from link and source re-checks, to proofreading, fact-checking, and editing for clarity. A multi-step routine also allows many eyes from different and unique perspectives to edit our pieces before they come to you, the reader.

Who Pays Our Bills? 

Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase the “golden rule,” in that he who has the gold, makes the rules. Nearly every health site and patient advocacy group gets a big chunk of its  funding from pharmaceutical companies. That means that many health sites must tread lightly, lest they upset their funders – including those pharmaceutical companies. 

When deciding if I trust my sources, I personally review who has their back. How are they funded? Who is greasing their palms? How do they go about getting the job done, delivering their message?

MedShadow Foundation does not take money from pharmaceutical companies or medical device manufacturers. Instead, we rely strictly on the donations of those who believe in our mission as strongly as we do. 

We are an independent organization aimed wholeheartedly at informing you,empowering you with information allows you to make your own informed decisions when it comes to your medications and your healthcare.

We have no hidden agendas. We aren’t backed anyone who stands to  make a profit based on your decisions. We simply aim to inform.

What We Do

MedShadow’s mission is to protect you from the side effects of medicines. We start with ways  to keep you from needing medicines in the first place, and instead make healthier lifestyle choices. (See our articles on forest bathing or about plants that clean the air around you!) 

Did you know that simple medications in everyone’s medicine cabinet, such as Tylenol, can cause severe liver damage or even kill you? Did you know side effects from medications can include everything from a loss of smell, to strange dreams. 

We provide alternative choices to western medicine. (Have you ever tried acupuncture? What about herbs for health?) We share nutritional tips and exercises to reduce the symptoms of your chronic conditions. In some cases, these habits may help enough that your healthcare provider can lower the dose of your medicines.

As an independent health journalism organization focused on the side effects of medication, we offer unbiased and balanced coverage of health topics, ranging from medications and medical conditions, to health and wellness topics to keep you from potentially harmful impacts. 

The planet is a big wide world of options out there, and taking a prescription you know nothing about shouldn’t be the only option. If you aren’t sure if medication side effects impact you, you should know that, according to the CDC, nearly half of all Americans have taken a prescribed medication in the last 30 days. If you don’t, it is likely someone you love does. And if you don’t today, it is highly likely you will in the future.

Why We Do It

Can we agree that there is nothing more important in life than your own health and the health of your family and loved ones? MedShadow protects the lives in your life by uncovering the hidden and minimized risks of medicines so that everyone can have the ability to make choices about both over-the-counter and prescription drugs, their benefits, and additional alternatives to such medicines.

Our founder and president, Suzanne Robotti, began our nonprofit because she offers a unique perspective. Not only is she a victim of medicine’s harm herself, but she is active as the sole consumer representative on the FDA’s Advisory Committee on Drug Safety and Risk Management. Read more about our founder’s personal story here.

Why Trust Our Content?

Our editorial process is a vigorous routine, from the story concept creation, to the completed final product posted on our site. Our tried and true process includes steps such as:

  • All of our articles are based on research from peer-review journals that use best practices research guidelines.
  • We pay attention to who paid for the studies we cite 
  • All of our sources and advisors are vetted to ensure they do not work for and are not paid by pharmaceutical companies. And, if they do, we make it very clear.
  • We interview experts in the field – doctors, healthcare professionals, and people who have experienced side effects first-hand.
  • We share the first-person experiences of people just like you!
  • Many of our core articles are reviewed by our Medical Advisory Board
  • MedShadow Foundation’s Board of Directors ensures we stay focused on our mission. 

In order to reach all readers, we strive to present information in an easily understandable format. We know accessibility to fair, balanced, and uninfluenced information, especially when it comes to healthcare, can be tough to find. But, that is precisely what we do: bring the facts to you.

Not all research is good research. There are plenty of ways results can be skewed, unclear, or unfair. We dig deeper than a simple citation of a study.  We find out who did the study, who paid for it, how it was conducted, and what the results really mean.

If you have any questions or concerns about our editorial process, please feel free to reach out via email at [email protected]. We are happy to answer any questions at any time.

DISCLAIMER: MedShadow provides information and resources related to medications, their effects, and potential side effects. However, it is important to note that we are not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The content on our site is intended for educational and informational purposes only. Individuals dealing with medical conditions or symptoms should seek guidance from a licensed healthcare professional, such as a physician or pharmacist, who can provide personalized medical advice tailored to their specific circumstances.

While we strive to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information presented on MedShadow, we cannot guarantee its completeness or suitability for any particular individual's medical needs. Therefore, we strongly encourage users to consult with qualified healthcare professionals regarding any health-related concerns or decisions. By accessing and using MedShadow, you acknowledge and agree that the information provided on the site is not a substitute for professional medical advice and that you should always consult with a qualified healthcare provider for any medical concerns.

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