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Pros & Cons of Taking CoQ10

Americans spend more than $40 billion on vitamins and supplements each year, and increasingly coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is making its way onto their shopping lists. Devotees of the supplement...

COVID-19 Fatigue

It seems every time we learn something about COVID-19, it is contradicted within days. The most recent about-face still has me spinning: We were first told that COVID-19 germs...

Anxiety Disorder Fast Facts

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress, but for some people, it can become overwhelming and debilitating. People with anxiety disorders feel apprehensive and uneasy, and it’s common for...

Gabapentin’s Side Effect Risks

Gabapentin (Neurontin, Lyrica) can be effective but the side effects can be "horrible." And there are specific risks for 15-24-year olds.

Medicines Perpetuate Diagnosis

Medications Perpetuate the Diagnosis: As a registered nurse with a sincere passion for what I do, I’m very frequently in awe of what proper care and the right medications...

Calcium Supplements: Pros, Cons & Expert Tips

Everyone needs calcium, right? It seems many people are concerned about avoiding osteoporosis. No one wants to break a bone or develop stooped posture. So should we all load...

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