• Babies cry — it's what they do. But doctors and parents are increasingly medicating infants to put a stop to the wailing, and that's not good. Read more >>


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Spit Happens
Parents and pediatricians are increasingly giving PPIs to Infants. But these acid-suppressors are linked to broken bones 5 years later. Try alternatives. Read more 
Prednisone: The Steroid That Can Make You Feel Crazy
I wish someone had told me that prednisone had psychiatric side effects including anxiety and insomnia - and that they can show up after the course is done. Read more 
Need to Know:
Need to Know: Antimalarial Drugs
Antimalarials can have serious side effects & interactions with other meds. Malaria is serious, too, so you should discuss travel plans with a specialist. Read more 
First Person:
Can a Pill Prevent Breast Cancer? For Some Women, the Answer May Be Yes
Jennifer L.W. Fink The author has a family history of breast cancer. To minimize her risk of developing it, she is taking the drug tamoxifen. Is this chemoprevention worth it? Read more 
Your Meds: Risks vs Benefits:
Overprescribing: Do You Really Need to Take That Med?
Overprescribing: Do You Really Need to Take That Med? Take multiple medications daily? Some of them may be doing more harm than good. Find out what drugs are the most overprescribed and how you can cut back. Read more 
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The FDA’s Better Side Effects Database
Now that the FDA has built a much more interactive FAERS database, you can search on a med you take and see what kinds of side effects others have reported. Read more