The Tricky Chemistry of Gender Transitioning
A Look Behind Treatment for Gender Transitioning Gender transitioning includes a combination of treatments. How does it work, and what are the potential side effects from the hormones involved? Read more 
FDA Watch:
Make Your Voice Heard in Patient-Focused Drug Development
An FDA meeting early next month will focus on developing drugs for chronic pain and patient input on the topic will be emphasized. Find out how your voice can be heard in the drug development process. Read more 
MedShadow Blog:
Is Right-to-Try the Best Path for Experimental Meds?
Is Right-to-Try the Best Path for Experimental Meds? What to do when you or your loved one has exhausted all standard medical options. Read more 
SAMe: The Arthritis Supplement You’ve Never Heard Of
While you may have never heard of SAMe, it is a supplement that is rapidly growing in popularity as a treatment for various kinds of arthritis. But does it work and what potential side effects should you know about? Read more 
EWG’s Best Sunscreens for Kids
When it comes to choosing sunscreen for children, it's important to understand which products are the safest. EWG lists 23 to choose from. Read more 
Your Meds: Risks vs Benefits:
How Do You Know Which Diabetes Drug Is Best for You?
How Do You Know Which Diabetes Drug Is Best for You? The number of people in the US diagnosed with type 2 diabetes is rapidly rising and there are many different kind of medications, besides insulin, to treat it. How can you figure out which one might be best for you in consultation with your doctor? Read more 
MedShadow Blog:
In Defense of Pain
In Defense of Pain A NIH task force is about to discuss best practices for pain management amid the nation's opioid crisis. Meanwhile, the AMA wants pain removed as the "fifth vital sign." What's happening here? Read more 

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