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Is Your Teen Using Anabolic Steroids?

As a personal trainer, I come into contact with young men who appear to be on anabolic steroids, typically taken to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance. What are the signs they are using steroids? For starters, they exhibit muscle mass that seems to be beyond “normal,” and they…

Is Therapeutic Massage Right for Me?

Massage can help treat symptoms of many illnesses and conditions, but not all treatments are created equal. When Phoebe Holmes’ adult daughter with special needs experienced a fall, Holmes caught her, preventing her daughter from suffering any physical injury. Holmes, however, was not so fortunate. Her shoulder burned with pain,…

What Are the Side Effects of Abilify?

Abilify and Abilify MyCite are prescribed for bi-polar, depression, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia and more. For some it’s a life saver, but for others Abilify’s side effects can include diabetes, suicidal thoughts, sexual dysfunction and more. Read this 2-part series on the pros and cons of Abilify.

If You Smoke Pot, Your Anesthesiologist Needs To Know

Observations and initial research show that marijuana use may affect patients’ responses to anesthesia on the operating table — and, depending on the patient’s history of using the drug, either help or hinder their symptoms afterward in the recovery room.

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