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New Alcohol Abuse Drugs Gaining Respect

Do we have a game-changer for treating alcohol abuse? Several medications, when combined with therapy and support, are enabling some patients to cut back on alcohol intake or have fewer heavy drinking days.

ACE Inhibitors in the Time of Coronavirus

Are you worried about ACE inhibitors and coronavirus? You may be hearing that one of the entry methods for the coronavirus in humans is by attaching to the ACE-2 enzyme. This has raised alarms among those with heart disease who use ACE inhibitors (with names ending in -pril, such as…

Coronavirus Cures: Separating Fact from Fiction

There is no known cure for coronavirus or COVID-19 yet. However, a new study from Wuhan, China published in JAMA found that treatment with methylprednisolone may be beneficial for patients who develop acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS) which is caused by COVID-19. Antibiotics, herbal remedies, and even straight water do not…

Are GERD Drugs Worth the Risks?

Why take a GERD drug when you can change your diet? While this may seem inconvenient, the long term benefits can make it worthwhile.

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