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Pros & Cons of the HPV Vaccine

Why, after 13 years, are parents still conflicted about giving their children the HPV vaccine? While all vaccines have risks and benefits, the HPV vaccine is particularly controversial because of the age at which it’s given. “This vaccine has lots of baggage associated with it” because it’s best given before…

Pediatric Drug Prescribing for Opioids: What you need to know, NOW.

When my 15 year old son, Gary, was screaming in pain from complications from Crohn’s Disease in the ER, a young doctor injected him with something that instantly calmed my son’s out of control pain. I didn’t ask what it was because I was grateful that he finally seemed comfortable….

Makena Found Not Effective at Reducing Premature Birth

In a surprise result, a study of a drug designed to lower the risk of premature birth was shown to be no better than a placebo. Update, October 30, 2019 An FDA Advisory Committee met to review Makena (17-α hydroxyprogesterone injection or 17-OHPC) in light of the new post-approval study…

Coping with the Side Effects of Antidepressants

Headaches, nausea, feeling on edge, being exhausted and a low sex drive. The irony of antidepressants is that in some cases, side effects can cause symptoms similar to the depression they are supposed to treat. In fact, those side effects are a key reason that people stop taking the drugs….

Food as Medicine: Breast Cancer

Certain risk factors for breast cancer, such as age and family history, are beyond our control. But changing our diet — to eliminate certain foods and add others — can make a big difference. A healthy diet can help keep weight down, build a body’s immunity and decrease the risk of breast cancer.

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